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Company Taxes and Company Representation

One option you have to develop your business in Spain is to create an SL company. This can be a bit complex, which is why it is best to have a financial advisor and lawyer to advise in setting up and registering the company. There are a number of steps involved, among them: having an escritura (NEED this translated!!! Help Jose Maria!!) signed at the notary,  having everything properly presented and stamped in the Company House. Paying initial taxes, registering the company in the social security system, and, eventually, handling all taxes.

Through experience, we have learned it is best when you have one person handling this multi-layered process that combines both the legal and the financial  … which is where the Jose Maria Ruiz Castillo law firm comes in. Often when you delegate the different aspects of company work to several people, confusions can occur as contradictory advice and information can be given to you by the different players. Having one person who can explain and oversee the process makes things much simpler and more easily understood.
Jose Maria has successfully handled this combination role for many years, and is pleased that not only has he been able to keep his clients informed as to the different steps entailed, but also he has enabled them to feel confident and relaxed through the entire bureaucratic process.
José María Ruiz Castillo
Lawyer/accountant/financial advisor
 Specialises in International investments in Spain, property transfers, wills,accountancy, taxes and litigation.

Fluent in English, German, Spanish.
Camino de ronda, Nº 78, 1º A
Granada - Andalucia - España
+34 618 314 062

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