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Self Employer

More and more people are deciding to come to Spain to live and work — some working remotely for companies in other places in the world, others as entrepreneurs, digital nomads, or other self-employed activities.

It isn’t always easy dealing with the bureaucracy … which is where the Jose Maria Ruiz Castillo law firm can help. We can resolve all of the problems concerning registering with the Spanish system, social security, business and income tax declaration, obtaining licenses, etc. Jose Maria’s experience in both the legal and financial side of matters can make your transition to becoming a legal part of the Spanish system simple, painless, and unproblematic.  And once you are registered, he can also help you throughout the process of quarterly tax and Social Security payments.
José María Ruiz Castillo
Lawyer/accountant/financial advisor
 Specialises in International investments in Spain, property transfers, wills,accountancy, taxes and litigation.

Fluent in English, German, Spanish.
Camino de ronda, Nº 78, 1º A
Granada - Andalucia - España
+34 618 314 062

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