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If you own any assets in Spain (such as home, vacation and/or investment properties, bank account/s, business, auto/s), it  is extremely important to have a will prepared in Spain for these Spanish assets.

This legal document, witnessed by a notary and prepared by a lawyer/solicitor, is a simple cost-effective process that offers protection and peace of mind.

If you do not have a will in Spain, your assets will need to go through probate — an extremely long, complex, and expensive process. All of your assets will be frozen and blocked during the time the probate is taking place. No one will be able to access bank account funds, sell properties, investments, or cars. Only a will can prevent this from happening.

The Jose Maria Ruiz Castillo firm has prepared over 1000+ wills.  Jose Maria can offer helpful advice based on his years of experience regarding wills/taxes/immigration for expats,  Spanish residents and citizens, and those owning Spanish assets or preparing to purchase property.
José María Ruiz Castillo
Lawyer/accountant/financial advisor
 Specialises in International investments in Spain, property transfers, wills,accountancy, taxes and litigation.

Fluent in English, German, Spanish.
Camino de ronda, Nº 78, 1º A
Granada - Andalucia - España
+34 618 314 062

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