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Marriage & Divorce

As more people come to Spain to live, many find themselves wanting to get married here  or divorced here, both common events over the course of your life. But neither of these are simple when you’re an expat. Getting married or divorced can be a bureaucratic nightmare if you aren’t familiar with the process or if you don’t know the language well. But it’s important you get it right — your marital status is a vital part of your official status in Spain, in all of your applications and other issues, and needs to be handled properly. This can be very simple if you have a good lawyer on your side guiding you through the process. That’s where the Jose Maria Ruiz Castillo law firm can help.

We have handled these dealings all over Spain, so are very aware of the particulars of these situations in the different provinces. We can make a potentially difficult process simple, and thus ensure you can avoid all the complications that can ensue if you don’t get the right advice.
José María Ruiz Castillo
Lawyer/accountant/financial advisor
 Specialises in International investments in Spain, property transfers, wills,accountancy, taxes and litigation.

Fluent in English, German, Spanish.
Camino de ronda, Nº 78, 1º A
Granada - Andalucia - España
+34 618 314 062

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